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“In manifesting any desire in your life, there comes a point that you can vividly see and feel that you have attained your desire. It’s at this crucial moment of clarity that you manifest your desire. The rest will naturally unfold…” – Eric Amidi.
“… there is no boundry between what’s within and the
universe… ”

When you truly desire something in your life from the most intimate depths of your heart; when you so deeply identify with a desire as if it’s a natural necessity for your existence, you set in motion an omnipresent force that all other powers will bow to. Before you reach that level, you may wonder, whether this force is within or it’s a power awakened in the universe. It’s only at that level that you realize that, that question is meaningless. Because you can then vividly see that there is no boundary between what’s within and the universe…

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How To Ask How

Eric AmidiAt the moment that you see and feel your desire with clarity, you manifest your desire. But that moment cannot be faked. That moment cannot be reached through transient flashes of emotions. When you feel that moment, you know that it’s coming from the core. It comes with no doubt. It comes with no anxiety. It comes in a moment of silence. In a moment of stillness. In a moment of quiet mind…
In such moment, when your preassumptions about how your desires should manifest are suspended and pushed aside, there will be only “one”. You and your desire as One. When you reach that moment, all you have to ask is “HOW?” and the path to your desire

Dr Eric Amidi

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